Why These Common Devices WON'T Work Against Fremont Mice!

There are different machine deterrents that are meant to deter the Fremont mice infestation. Unfortunately, there are not enough clinical studies that will support the claim of their manufacturers. Some of these repellents might annoy the rodents but only for a limited time. They will still choose to return to your house since this will keep them safe against the threat of predators and severe weather condition.

Using Strobe Lights to Repel Mice

One of the more popular solutions to repel the California mice is the use of the strobe lights. This will emit a high-intenFremont and flashing light that will disturb the senses of the vermin. The ultimate goal of using this device is to create an environment that is not suitable for the mice. Sadly, there are different reasons why this will not be effective against any type of infestation.

  • It will not be wise to use deterrent that is consist of electrical wires since the Fremont mice love to chew tough materials. An exposed live wire can cause accidental fires and electrocution. 
  • You should also be wary on the coverage specified on the packaging of the strobe light. If you have a large space, you will probably need multiple lights and this will not be cost-efficient. Remember that you will need to introduce the light in every possible area of infestation that will greatly increase your energy consumption.
  • In case they have been affected by the strobe light, they will simply move in the other area of your house to once again cause destruction. 
  • Mice are highly adaptable California creatures that can survive in a range of environment regardless of the condition. Do not think that something as simple as strobe light will be able to affect them.

  • Using Ultrasonic Devices against Mice

    Another popular deterrent against nuisance creatures would be the ultrasonic devices. According to the manufacturers of this device, this has the capacity to emit high-frequency sound waves that are not audible to human. Unfortunately, simply inserting this in your receptacle will not be able to solve your mice problem. Last 2011, the FTC released a warning to those manufacturers who are making absurd claims about their product. They demanded that their claims will need to be supported by existing scientific studies. With the intervention of this agency, the claims of these manufacturers are less outrageous these days.

    For those who want to stay updated about the studies concerning the California ultrasonic devices, you will realize that the results are varied. In some cases, it will only affect insects. Sadly, even the insects will eventually learn how to adapt on the sound that it emits. The mice, on the other hand, will not show any response toward the device.

    There are better solutions that you can use to fight against the Fremont mice infestation. They have been proven effective and will not cost you a fortune. If the infestation seems to be overwhelming, there are professionals in this industry that are willing to assist you.

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