We can't list exact prices here, because every job is very different. Your best option is to call us at 510-867-2389 and describe your problem, and we can give you a price estimate over the phone.

Small Jobs: $100 + An example might be a one-stop trip to remove a snake in the patio, or dead animal in the attic. Not a far drive outside our service range.

Medium Jobs: $250 + An example might be a multi-stop project involving setting traps, returning twice to remove and relocate wildlife, minor repairs, etc.

Large Jobs: $500 + An example might be a project with several service visits, full home and attic inspection, multiple animals, complex repairs, attic cleanup, etc.

Moles, gophers, and groundhogs can be some of the most difficult animals to deal with. Because of their ability to burrow through the ground, they are incredibly difficult to capture. However, they can create a large amount of damage on your property. They can destroy your landscaping, eat up all your fruits and vegetables in your garden, and make a general mess of your property. Some have even been known to damage the foundation of the home through their relentless digging. You need a service that are experts in handling this kind of problem, and that is exactly what we are. For over a decade we have provided removal services for these kinds of animals. We have become experts at the extraction of these rodents, helping homeowners to get back to the full enjoyment of their property. We also help with other types of wild animals that may be on your land. Other rodents, such as rats, squirrels, and mice, can do a great deal of damage to your home. This is true of bats and birds as well. Bats can also be terrifying to your family, as our snakes. Our technicians are professionals who know how to safely and effectively remove these animals and do it at a cost that fits your budget. We use only humane approaches to wildlife control, but our methods for exclusion and prevention are state-of-the-art. You can count on us to do the job for you.