Regulations and Laws Concerning Trapping California Raccoons - Are You in the Clear?

There are various types of creatures that can invade your Fremont property; from the squirrels, deer, and raccoon. Raccoons are probably one of the most popular nuisance creatures in North America. They have been invading different houses and people are using diverse methods to get rid of them. Trapping would be one of the more preferred methods. However, you may want to know if the existing law will allow you to trap this wild creature.

Is it Lawful to Trap the Raccoon?

Trapping of the California raccoon will be legal only under specific circumstances. There are states that do not allow the trapping of the raccoon while others are placing no restrictions at all. In addition, killing of the raccoon may result to hefty fines and punishments. If you don't want to deal with a huge legal mess, you need to familiarize yourself in your local jurisdiction.

States Where Trapping of the Raccoon Is Regulated

In the capital of the US, Washington DC, raccoons can only be trapped using a method that will not result to injury. This means that you have to pay attention on the trap that you will use. The state law also mentioned that you have to release them in an environment that is suitable for their survival. Toronto also allows the trapping of the raccoon but the relocation of the creature is discouraged. It is recommended to take the raccoon to your nearby veterinarian where the euthanasia will be performed. Unfortunately, since most of the veterinarian will not allow the raccoon inside their office due to the various diseases that they can possibly carry, killing them using the legal method is relatively limited.

There are also states where you can trap the raccoons only when you carry the necessary license and permit. The licenses are originally intended to allow the harvesting of their fur. You should have a permit before setting up the traps and there are also limited numbers of raccoons that you are allowed to kill in a specific period. It is not legal to kill them when it is not the right season.

States where it is Legal to Trap the Raccoon

There are states where they observe a California continuous season; this means that it is lawful to trap the raccoon as long as the basic conditions have been met. Usually, it will also be legal to trap the raccoon that has invaded your property. Some people will use snap traps but make sure that your pets and kids will have limited access to your attic. It is also recommended to check the traps regularly in order to prevent the rotting of the carcass in your attic.

Being aware of the Fremont laws that regulate the trapping of the raccoon is important to guarantee that you will stay in compliance with the jurisdiction. This will help you stay away from fines and punishments while dealing effectively with your infestation problem. For additional assistance, you may ask for the help of the professionals who carry the necessary permit to capture wild animals.

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