What to Do if a Fremont Skunk Got STUCK in Your Window Well?

In case a Fremont skunk accidentally fell in your window well, understand that it is not trying to establish its home. Usually, this animal will run through the house foundation when hunting for grubs and insects. Due to their persistence and commitment, they will not notice the window well until such time that they can no longer get out of it. Other creatures such as rabbit may also end up trapped in here.

How to Rescue the Skunk in Your Window Well

You should not ignore the skunk that is trapped in your California window well. They may die from dehydration or starvation. In addition, they may have little kits waiting in their den. These kits may also die if it is left unattended by the mother skunk for too long. Here's how you can help them.

Place a Wood Plank

The easiest way to rescue the California skunk is to place a plank of wood that they can use as an escape route. If the wood is a bit slippery, you may wrap the plank of wood with used towel or carpeting material that will improve their traction. The wood plank should at least be 1 foot in terms of width. Place it in a way that it will create a gradual angle. Leave this overnight since most nocturnal animals will only act during the night time. During the day, you may cover the window well that will provide the poor creature with an ample protection from the heat of the sun.

Using a Bucket

In case your window well is too deep, then I'm afraid that the California ramp will not work for your situation. As an alternative, you can use a bucket that will fit the well. Tie a string on the handle of the bucket. Place a food inside the bucket to encourage the skunk to go inside. Once inside the bucket, gently pull the bucket out of the window well. Once you successfully do this, tip it and move away from the bucket. While the skunks will not immediately release their spray, it is still better to keep a good distance away from the nuisance creature.

Prevent This Situation from Occurring

As we often mentioned, prevention is always the better solution than the cure. In order to stay away from this kind of stress, simple preventative measures can help you ensure that the skunk will not accidentally fall on your window well. For instance, you can invest on a cover that is specifically designed for the window well. You may also use a wire mesh to cover it. 

On the off chance that none of this works, you may use a Fremont snare pole to help them get out. In case you do not know how to use snare poles and you are afraid that you might harm the creature, hire the service of the experts. They have the latest type of snare poles that will not strangle the creature and cause suffocation. They are also well-equipped to help the creature get out from your window well.

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